CONFIRMED: Mass. Reports 5,200 “Breakthrough” COVID Cases, 80 Dead — All Vaccinated

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is not only in major cognitive decline but he’s also a blatant and outright liar. During a CNN town hall this past week he told the American people that if they get the COVID vaccine they don’t have to worry about getting COVID. This is a downright lie and […]

HUGE AZ AUDIT UPDATE: 2020 Election Security Procedures Violated — Maricopa County Will Not Provide Routers, Splunk Logs, Fobs — TIME TO INDICT

(Tea Party 247) – Maricopa County officials have yet to provide answers for the incredibly poorly managed 2020 election in which it appears Dominion was essentially in control. They have also yet to comply with the Arizona Senate subpoenas even in light of the bombshell revelations that have thus far come out of the audit. […]

TORTURE: Jan. 6 Inmates Endure Worse Abuse Than Gitmo — Brutally Beaten, Stripped, Hogtied, Humiliated By Guards, One Prisoner Blinded In One Eye (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – Not only is there political persecution going on in America in the wake of the Jan. 6 ordeal that Democrats have insisted was an attempted “insurrection,” but those that have been hunted down by the FBI and charged with crimes are being held captive and tortured. The Gateway Pundit reported on […]

WATCH: Former WH Doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson Says Biden Will Be Removed From Office Over Mental Health

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is a train wreck. While his gaffes and slip-ups have been entertaining in the past, his complete lack of cognitive ability is becoming a serious problem. Not only has he made a mockery of the US abroad, he fails to speak coherently nearly every single time he’s called on […]

BREAKING: Sidney Powell To Join Major Movement To Assist Jan. 6 Political Prisoners And Their Families

(Tea Party 247) – Hundreds of freedom-loving, patriotic Americans have been hunted down and politically persecuted by the corrupt Deep State FBI. These Americans are guilty of nothing other than being present in Washington DC on Jan. 6 and getting swept up by the orchestrated “riot” put on by the FBI. Their only crimes are […]

BOMBSHELL: NSA Confesses To “Unmasking” Fox News Host Tucker Carlson

(Tea Party 247) – Tucker Carlson is the host of the most-watched cable news show in the US, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. There’s a good reason he is the most-watched host in cable news and that is that he speaks the truth and isn’t afraid to do so. He isn’t swayed by the bullying […]

REVEALED: Former DEA Agent Tells Tucker Carlson FBI Informant Invited Him To Capitol On Jan 6, Pressured Him To Go Inside (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – If anyone in the media, outside of the leftist sycophants, dares to question the Democrats Jan. 6 narrative that Trump supporters were incited by President Trump to storm the Capitol building and attempt to overthrow the US government, they are immediately labeled a “conspiracy theorist” and called out for being un-American. […]

WATCH: PA Sen. Doug Mastriano DESTROYS State Democrats For Pushback On Elections Audit

(Tea Party 247) – Now that the Arizona audit is nearly complete, other states are following suit and kicking off their own election audits and investigations. In a major turn of events, Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano has taken up the lead in the charge for a forensic investigation into the three counties in the […]

ALERT: Georgia Mailed Out 7 Million Absentee Ballot Requests In 2020 Election — How Many Were Mailed Out And Returned?

(Tea Party 247) – One of the most important questions being asked right now concerning the 2020 election in the state of Georgia is how many absentee ballots were actually mailed out and did they agree to the number of requests they received? According to Gateway Pundit, this is a question that needs to be […]

CAUGHT! CDC Quietly Deletes Thousands Of COVID Vaccine Deaths From Its Website Total In One Day (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been busted with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar as a new report has been released that proves they have been deleting thousands of deaths that have been caused by the COVID-19 vaccines currently circulating on the market. According to a report […]

WTH? Dementia Joe Biden Just Said He Was Chairman Of The Judiciary Committee 150 Years Ago (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – It’s no secret that Joe Biden is a bit on the nuttier side of things, likely due to some severe cognitive decline happening at a rapid pace. We’ve all seen the incoherent rambling during interviews, his constant forgetfulness, and all sorts of wacky things he’s said and done. However, what he […]

BOMBSHELL: New Lawsuit Claims 45,000 Vaccine Deaths Being Hidden

(Tea Party 247) – Attorney Thomas Renz has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in the state of Alabama this week that makes allegations of an enormous government cover-up of vaccine-related deaths in the United States that number “at least 45,000.” A new report from WND reveals that the suit, which has been filed […]

BREAKING: Joe Biden Had An Estimated 675,000 Fraudulent Votes In Texas — The True Vote Was Likely 55% – 43% For Trump

(Tea Party 247) – There was widespread election fraud all over the United States, not just the contested states that Biden “won” in like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. Dr. David Clements and retired Army veteran Seth Keshel have joined up to analyze election data from every state and create a strategy for those […]

WHOA! AZ Audit Uncovers 74,000 Ballots Returned And Counted In 2020 Election Without Any Record Of Being Sent Out!

(Tea Party 247) – Doug Logan, an audit expert, recently noted that the auditors working in the state of Arizona have discovered that there were 74,000 more ballots that were received and ultimately included in the results of the 2020 presidential election in Maricopa County than were actually mailed out. This is further proof that […]

CNN BUSTED! Check Out The Fake Audience At Joe Biden’s Town Hall

(Tea Party 247) – We all know that when it comes to CNN putting on a town hall event for whatever Democrat they plan on slobbering all over, the whole event is pre-packaged and staged. This is a given. However, it seems Joe Biden has taken things to the next level by having a fake […]

BOMBSHELL: Doctor Warns That Majority Of Vaccinated Patients Might Have Permanent Heart Damage — Some Could Die Within Three Years (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – According to a new report from the folks over at Infowars, a Canadian doctor is demanding that further studies be conducted into the link between the coronavirus vaccines and blood clots after research he did found blood clots in a majority of those who took the vaccine, some of whom he […]

SHARPIE-GATE: New Report Reveals Sharpies Were Provided At Certain Precincts To Disqualify Trump Votes (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – During the days that immediately followed the 2020 presidential election, a little story came to the surface that has been dubbed sharpie-gate. As you can imagine the radical leftist elements in the Democratic Party had a good old time laughing about it and making fun of it, labeling it a conspiracy […]

ALERT: Political Prisoner’s Letter Drops Massive Truth Bomb About Horrible Treatment Of Jan. 6 Defendants

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biggs, a pro-Trump activist and media personality, along with being a two-time Purple Heart recipient who served honorably in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, recently put out a letter from prison where he described how poorly he was being treated. Folks, the left is working hard to try and […]

BREAKING: Elections Assistance Commission Is Now Being Sued For Secretly Permitting Access To The Internet On Election Machines

(Tea Party 247) – Everything about the 2020 presidential election and many other smaller elections that have taken place since then seems incredibly suspect. It makes you wonder how long voter fraud by the left in this country has been taking place. According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, the Elections Assistance Commission is […]

BOMBSHELL: Intel Captain Reveals Trump’s Margin Of Victory In MI Was 7.5 Percentage Points

(Tea Party 247) – War Room host Steve Bannon recently invited Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University, a retired Army intelligence captain, along with former baseball analyst Seth Keshel to take a look at the latest analysis of the 2020 presidential election. According to a report by Gateway Pundit, Keshel went on […]

BOMBSHELL: Trump Won Pennsylvania By A MASSIVE 6-8% Margin

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump won the 2020 election. We all know it and the Democrats know it. They know it was statistically impossible for Biden to win and that’s why leftist operatives had to spring into action to steal the election from the American people. Ever since the stolen election, Democrats have been […]

BREAKING: Five Michigan Counties Risk Breaking Federal Law And Cease And Desist Orders By Erasing 2020 Election Data From Their Voting Machines

(Tea Party 247) – In some states, elected officials have stepped up to the plate and demanded audits and investigations into the fraudulent 2020 election. Arizona is all but finished with their historic audit of Maricopa County, Republicans in Pennsylvania and Georgia are moving forward to initiate audits, and even the great state of Texas […]

CODE RED! House Dems Block Bill To Declassify Intel On Origins Of COVID-19

(Tea Party 247) – House Democrats inexplicably shot down a bill Tuesday that would ultimately uncover the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and give Americans the answers we deserve. By a vote of 216 to 207, Democrats in the House banded together to block consideration of a bill that would require the Director of National […]

WATCH: Capitol Defendant’s Attorney Says Inmates Subject To “TORTURE!” In Heated CNN Exchange

(Tea Party 247) – An attorney representing one of the defendants charged with entering the US Capitol building on Jan. 6 bravely made an appearance on CNN’s “New Day” Tuesday, with host John Avlon. During the interview, attorney Joseph McBride was asked by Avlon for comment in regards to an eight month prison sentence given […]

Mike Lindell Offers $5 Million Reward To Any “Cyber Guys” Who Can Disprove His Election Fraud Evidence

(Tea Party 247) – Mike Lindell certainly has no problem putting his money where his mouth is. The MyPillow founder and CEO has been an outspoken supporter of President Trump since the stolen election in November. Not only has he stood by President Trump but he’s been canceled in every way imaginable and harassed, disparaged, […]

BOOM! Rand Paul To Request Criminal Investigation Into Anthony Fauci And Gain-Of-Function Research (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – Senator Rand Paul is no fan of Dr. Fauci. That has become abundantly clear. It’s also become apparent Paul is one of the few members of Congress willing to go after Fauci despite the Biden regime’s protections of him. Sen. Paul is demanding Fauci be held accountable for the numerous lies […]

ALERT: Democrats Move To Prevent Trump From Becoming House Speaker In 2022

(Tea Party 247) – One of the many topics of discussions amongst Trump fans and supporters is how to get him back into Washington DC to save America. One potential route that’s been brought up is the possibility of Trump becoming the US Speaker of the House should Republicans take back the majority in 2022, […]

BREAKING: GOP Traitor Liz Cheney Holds Presser, Trashes McCarthy, Stands With Pelosi For Blocking Jim Jordan and Jim Banks From Jan. 6 Commission

(Tea Party 247) – House Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is desperate to stay in the spotlight. Any opportunity she can to disparage her fellow Republicans, she doesn’t hesitate to take. In response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejecting two of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for the sham Jan. 6 investigation committee, McCarthy pulled […]

REVEALED: Pentagon Using Obama & Soros-Linked Contractor To Remove “White Supremacists” From The Military

(Tea Party 247) – New reports from Infowars say that the Pentagon has now joined forces with a tech company located in Britain to help find out which bases in the U.S. military have the highest percentage of troops who are searching for what they call “extremist content” online. Folks, no matter how you look […]

BREAKING: VoterGA Requests Full Forensic Audit Of Election Results In Georgia — New Information Indicates Several Counties Might Be Worse Than Fulton County

(Tea Party 247) – VoterGA, a group of individuals who are concerned about accurate elections and voting integrity, announced on Tuesday of this week that they are now in possession of additional information about the state’s election results and are now making an open call for a full forensic audit of the entire state. According […]

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