Ben Carson Scolds Maxine Waters On Manners

Ben Carson is making a comeback. After a failed presidential attempt in 2016, the Republican is starting to get loud again. While he’s not planning on running for president again (at least not anytime soon), he’s making sure that basic manners are being followed throughout the world of politics. He’s been less than pleased with the way that Maxine Waters of California has been conducting herself and he’s the first one to say something to her.

Carson has been serving as the House and Urban Development Secretary. He has accused Waters, who serves as the House Financial Services Chairwoman of hypocrisy on the homelessness issue that plagues the nation in a blistering letter that says that she lacks “basic manners.”

A copy of the letter has been obtained by a variety of news sources. Carson wrote about a valuable lesson that his mother taught him about not throwing rocks, particularly when they live in glass houses. He goes on to say that because of that lesson, he was surprised to read the hostile letter that Waters wrote to Trump regarding homeless Americans in California, specifically within her district.

Maxine Waters had written a letter to Pres. Trump on October 28 to demand answers on reports regarding how the administration is considering moving homeless people off of the streets throughout California. She said that “your shamelessness” knows no bounds.

Carson chose to come back by saying that being a career politician of 30 years who is laying blame is the one who should worry about being shameless. He also added that shamelessness is seen by allowing over 55,000 Americans to live on the streets in the district that they represent. This is referring to the growing population of homeless people throughout Los Angeles city and county.

Carson feels that the most compassionate and obvious solution would be to get as many homeless individuals off of the streets as possible. He would like to see you Ruth’s over their heads as soon as “humanly possible.”

As the House and Urban Development Secretary, he could potentially do something in order to help her. He pointed this back out to her, as well. However, being a Democrat who likes to complain, she doesn’t want solutions.

She would rather complain and point the finger at someone else. In his letter to her, he reminds her that he has sent multiple letters and requested numerous meetings only to be refused every time. He wrote that “basic manners elude you” and it produces cheap headlines at the expense of Pres. Trump as opposed to producing results. He blames this on her being a “true career politician.”

It’s not surprising that Waters’ office has not responded to any requests for comment.

Carson also talked about some of the comments that he made regarding transgender people throughout the fall months. Carson repeated concern about “big, hairy men” trying to enter women shelters, and has maintained his stance on this. When he appeared before the committee that Waters overseas last month, he showed concern about how these men were trying to enter women shelters.

He identified that shamelessness is seen by allowing people other than biological females to enter a battered women’s shelter. In this regard, right is right and wrong is wrong. Battered women don’t want to see large men enter the shelters that are designed to protect them. Homeless or not, the women are at that shelter in order to feel safe, and they cannot do so if Waters and her posse of ineffective politicians are allowing simply anyone to enter.

Waters and Carson have obviously gone head-to-head in the past. Now, Carson is simply fed up. Maxine Waters is a constant thorn throughout Capitol Hill. She wants to complain and throw Trump under the bus whenever she can simply because of her own inefficiencies as a representative in Los Angeles County. She has failed as a politician and has failed for 30 years. Rather than stepping down and allowing someone else to fix the problem, she passes the problem off as being someone else’s fault.

It’s no surprise that she is friends with so many other ineffective Democrats throughout the country. She likely supports the stand that high crime rates are not her fault, either since she’s not the one committing the crimes. She is the epitome of the swamp that Trump has been trying to drain since he got into office. She’d love to complain about the homeless population but doesn’t want Trump to do anything to actually help the problem. Not only has she allowed basic manners to elude her, but she has also failed her district time and again.