Beware: Warn Kids of Dangerous New Social Media Challenge

Internet challenges have been a thing of popularity. They range from fundraising for an important cause to those of sick jokesters out for a laugh at someone else’s expense. This is the case of what is being called the “Tripping Jump Challenge.” It is becoming popular with young people and their parents are not aware of it until it is too late.

Kids of all ages are aware of this challenge. And yet to drive to succeed through the challenge is strong. But what may seem like the filming of a slow-motion jump quickly turns into a fight for life in some cases. Parents need to know that their kids are being tricked into a harmful move for the enjoyment of sick people.

The way that the challenge starts of is by kids asking other kids to jump in the air, so they can take a slow-motion picture of the jump. The victim agrees and while they are getting ready to jump two other kids stand on each side of the jumper. As the jumper takes off the other two pathetic kids kick the jumpers’ feet which causes them to violently turn in the air which leads to them hitting their head and body on the ground.

In the internet video that is sweeping the country. The child is seen hitting their head to the ground. While all the other kids laugh at the one hurt. Journey Bonner is a 10-year-old that had this same kind of violent treatment.

She stated that “What they did was mean, it was cruel and it was evil.” This fifth grader was led to believe that her so-called friends wanted to take a video of her jumping but then kicked her legs out from under her. She is the one in the video that suffers a head injury. Head injuries are serious things as they can lead to death.

The nurse that examined the injury reported that there was a large swelling happening on the back of the child’s head. These other kids deliberately assault another student by making them believe that they were participating in a fun video. The mother is within her right to press charges. Of which the school will support. This is nothing more than an attack on another student.

The school is urging parents to educate themselves with what these challenges are all about. Kids really need to speak up and not fall for everything that others want them to do. But when it is one’s so-called friends there really is not any reason to trust that harm is about to happen. The school has been supportive as it was revealed in part of a statement that was released. It read “The administrative team immediately addressed building-wide expectations with all students and staff. The appropriate disciplinary action has been taken. We need our parents to help in reinforcing this message at home and in talking with their young person about making the best decisions to keep themselves safe.”

Peer pressure is a real problem for many students. The pressures they have to endure that start early on in grade school are heavy for them to bear. Parents really have the job to help their kids realize the truthful reality that kids can be cruel at times. The school also stated that “We want all students to come to school ready to learn and to think about the safety of themselves and everyone around them.

As much as the school is trying to be supportive it is still not enough. In the last report, the child’s head was still swollen after a week. The school systems of America have to be safe places that children can come to and learn. The violence that is let in will only destroy and keep them from being safe and excelling to their full potential. The challenge has forever changed the way this little girl views her school. She no longer feels safe and believes that it will impact her way of learning in the future.