Blind Boy Sends a Painting to Trump and Gets a Heartfelt Response in Braille

Every day the White House is inundated with thousands of letters to the president. Some reveal the writer’s thinly veiled hatred of him while others sing his praises.  And most if taken in any seriousness get some sort of response. However, few are regarded as honorably as this one and its adequately heartfelt reply.

Gage Hogue is a blind and mostly non-verbal boy. Like any child, he loves to be included in just about any activity. One of his favorites is painting, as is his grandfather Randy’s. Randy has always had a passion and love of art, and so it only seems natural that he would include his grandson in those endeavors.

Recently the two finished a painting together, which they call “The Crying Flag.” They decided to send a print of this painting along with a brief letter of gratitude to President Trump for all his hard work over the last few years.

Gage was quite eager to send the painting off and as his grandfather says, “It really excited him to think he achieved something. Everybody knows he didn’t paint it on his own. But it’s his painting.”

As you can imagine, the letter and its accompanying painting were well received from the White House, and the art was given the presidential seal of approval. A heartfelt response or thank you letter was also sent out from the President. But what was really cool about the reply was that a copy of the letter was also mailed in Braille, just for Gage.

It began, “Dear Gage, thank you for the beautiful painting of the American flag that you and Paw-Paw made.”

“You are a very talented artist! The Stars and Stripes are a meaningful source of inspiration and pride to all Americans. Your patriotism and perseverance encourage me as I continue to work hard for our Nation,” the president continued.

Can you see Gage floating on air at this point? I know I would be at his age.

And to all of you who think of the president as only a cold hard businessman, here is proof otherwise.

The president went on to write, “You are beautifully made in the image of God. I hope you always remember you are loved and cherished by so many.”

According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, the Hogue family are God-fearing people who hold dearly to His promises and so this last part of the letter meant so much more to them.

Randy Hogue made sure to post a picture of both copies of the letter, as well as the painting on his Facebook. He said, “About 1 month ago, Gage and I mailed a print of his painting ‘THE CRYING FLAG’… (But Holding Strong), to our President Donald Trump along with a letter telling a little about Gage’s story.”

He added, “We also expressed our appreciation for the job he was doing for America, and believing in the American Flag and what it stands for.”

“Well, today we received acknowledgment of receiving this print. A very nice Thank You letter to Gage and even one printed in Braille. This is a big deal for us to have this piece of history for Gage’s memory book,” he continued.

Now, it’s unlikely that every letter, even the one’s singing Trump’s praises gets a response written by the president himself. I’m sure that he has a certain number of staff members who are charged with writing out responses on behalf of Mr. Trump.

However, even if someone else penned this letter, I do not doubt that they knew the president’s heart would be there in every word. And they did an excellent job.

And the Braille, what a splendid touch. So classy and yet personal. Rather than shooting off some quick note of thanks, the White House made sure that this letter was heartfelt to its very core.

Randy and Gage’s print of the artwork had previously been given out to only a few select family friends. However, after Mr. Hogue’s social media post and the positive message it shares, it has been reposted by thousands, and so the two have been besieged with requests for a print.

If only there were more stories like this daily.