Cancel Culture Cancels Itself: Yellow Belly’s Faux Pas with a KKK-Inspired Beer Bottle

The cancel culture has proven they don’t get it. They’re so worried about jumping on the bandwagon to cancel things that they don’t understand what they’re doing once they get serious about something.

Yellow Belly, a beer company, wanted to create a fun bottle design that celebrated all things progressive. In their ignorance to be inclusive, they managed to create a beer bottle that looked like a KKK hood.

They couldn’t have made a more racist statement if they tried. Perhaps we shouldn’t talk to them about the name of their beer company, either. Yellow Belly, in itself, is a pretty racist term – but they’re part of the liberal cancel culture, so we aren’t allowed to pick on them.

World of Beer was the one that had to break it to the Yellow Belly brewers that their bottles were being pulled from the shelves. How the company couldn’t know it looked like a KKK hood is pretty ignorant.

In their effort to wipe out history that they don’t agree with, they may have missed this lesson.

The bottle was wrapped in white paper and even swirled into a cone at the top. It’s actually quite perfect that a brewery in the cancel culture managed to create something like this. They designed this to denounce racism – and missed the mark in a big way.

Yellow Belly is a collaboration between Buxton Brewery in the UK and Omnipollo in Sweden. This means that there were two countries in on the idea of this – and still couldn’t figure out that it was offensive.

The Omnipollo website attempts to define a Yellow Belly, identifying it is a coward or someone without courage. Sure, we’ll go with that – even though it still has some racist backgrounds.

They go on to say that “To us, one of the most cowardly deeds is to act anonymously, hiding behind a group. A signifying trait of institutionalized racism.”

So, the Yellow Belly beer was wrapped up in white, supposedly, to disguise itself. Only, they failed in the disguise – in epic proportions.

Their beer was supposed to be a celebration. “This beer is brewed to celebrate all things new, open-minded, and progressive. A peanut butter biscuit stout with no biscuits, butter, or nuts. Taste, enjoy, and don’t be prejudiced.”

Only, Yellow Belly inadvertently decided to celebrate one of the oldest and most infamous hate groups in America. Their mission and their bottling is an oxymoron, telling people not to be prejudiced while dressing their bottle up as a KKK member.

To add insult to injury with the bottling, the bottles sell for about $40 apiece.

World of Beer has issued an apology for placing the bottles on their shelves and have removed them from inventory. As far as the intentions of the brewery, well, that’s another story. It seems as though the brewery has been a bit silent. Not being from America, they could claim ignorance.

However, that’s like Americans saying that they had no idea that the Holocaust was a thing. If you know anything about world history, you know about the KKK – especially in the racism-charged world we live in right now.

Yellow Belly failed on so many levels from a brewery that claims to be progressive. So, they could say that they are progressive – but only progressively moving toward a higher level of racism than any other brewery in the world.

If they wanted to make a bottle that was cowardly and wanted to hide from the world, they could have chosen literally any other costume. This just shows how mistakes are made when you try to wipe out history.

This was likely an honest mistake, but what happens to the next generation when they don’t know about the real history of our country? What epic mistakes will we see, next? Perhaps a brewery wants to make a bottle that looks like a lynching as a way to celebrate progressivism next.