Crazy Liberals are Calling the Cops for the Most Ridiculous Reason

The coronavirus and all the media reporting has sent the liberals in California into a panic. Everywhere they go they are thinking that the virus is stalking them. They are avoiding public places and even avoiding touch other people. It is fine and wise to take precautions, but they are to the extreme that when a person coughs or sneezes they immediately think they are infected. The liberals and Democrats are starting to call the cops on people that sneeze around them. The insane liberals have forgotten the life is full of sneezes and it may have another cause then the coronavirus.

Winter is the time of the year when runny noses are found everywhere. These are usually caused by extremely cold temperatures or sickness. In the other seasons of the year, they are caused by pollens or other triggers. The germophobic Democrats forget about everything and can only see the coronavirus as the source for sneezes all around their state. They live in their little world where nothing else can harm them except what the media tells them is around.

People in California have gone to the extreme to call 911 on people that are coughing or sneezing around them. They are acting like the sick person is engaging in biowarfare against their neighbors. Their concern is that the person may have the coronavirus. But that is just not the case. More people have allergies and the flu than the coronavirus. The liberal media want people to panic because it gives them things to talk about. They want people to storm the stores because it boosts their ratings. The media is more concerned about making money than they are about the people they are affected by their bogus reporting.

911 is not a number to be called just because a person sneezes. The Democrats do not realize that the majority of the people that contract the virus will never go to the doctor because their symptoms are not bad. They will simply treat it like a normal cold virus that will get better and life moves on. But for the Democrats and liberals, it is the end of the world if they have sneezed around.

The emergency response teams have better things to do than bring a tissue to a sneezing person. When people call 911 for stupid things like what is happening California other more serious issues are missed. People are dying because of the fearful people that just can’t be around a sneezing person.

The number of phone calls that have been coming in is just loaded with coronavirus scares. 911 centers all across the state are receiving these types of calls. One can only imagine that every time they sneeze a fire engine or ambulance comes roaring up behind them and out jumps a ton a people to provide a tissue to wipe their nose with. The mind of a Democrat makes no sense at all. Their ideas and their concept of reality are sinfully warped.

Mike Casavan is with the Palm Springs Police Department. He stated that “dispatchers have received at least five of these types of calls in the past week.” Other departments are claiming the same thing is happening in their areas as well. The crazy thing about the liberals is that they simply just don’t know. They are calling the cops on people that have done nothing wrong.

To help combat the problem dispatchers are being told to ask about symptoms and whether they were traveling to the country from another location outside the borders. But the callers do not know the other person. Someone sneezes and the call is made. They are hoping that the questions will keep people from calling in at random.

One chief stated that “If that happens enough, we worry about calls for service. We’re prepared to deal with issues that come up, but it’s a concern chiefs worry about.” The Democrats are only making things worse for everyone. It is time for the nation to listen to the president and do what is being suggested.