Dementia Bound Biden Faces Reality

Joe Biden has been slipping in and out of sanity for the past few months. His recalling of past events and facts has been completely unreliable. He has had people such as Obama and others telling him what to say and how to act in front of people.

And now it seems that Biden is not in front of the public as he once was. Some major questions are floating around as to his overall health and mental capacity. Some people are starting to believe that the old former vice president is starting to suffer from Dementia.

The fact that Biden cannot recall facts or events could be a sign of just forgetting things. But when Biden believes that he is somewhere else at a public event people are questioning his overall health.

Based on a poll regarding his health, 40 percent of voters are believing that the old man is suffering from dementia. And he is the best that the Democrats could come up with. Every other Democrat that was running for the nomination fizzled out.

Even old Bloomberg did himself in when he wanted to kill all the old people. Obama could not run again, and Hillary Clinton would just be put into prison. So, it was all left in the hands of Biden.

It was also found that 20 percent of the Democratic voter base even believes that the old man is suffering from mental instability. The only logical candidate at this point to lead the country in President Trump.

The other option is to put a man in office that is incapable of remembering important facts and people. President Trump has led the country successfully for a complete term. Since he took office, America has grown in strength and status with other nations of the world.

Other polls indicate that 60 percent of the Republicans believe Biden has dementia. 30 percent of non-affiliated voters believe it as well. There is no question as to if Biden can hide it any longer.

The majority of the people that vote can see the problem clearly. But the Democrats are going to continue to play dumb with the issue. He is their only hope of winning in November.

Every other candidate could not even match up to a man developing dementia. The future of the Democratic Party looks very bleak.

The Democrats have blown their chances at winning this coming election. Their beloved leadership has squandered the chance to accomplish any major thing in the House. They have fought the president instead of working with him.

Their babyish actions have earned them nothing by way of the voter. The Republicans are going to have a sweeping victory in November as the people of the county voice their choice as to the people they want to lead the country.

In another poll, it was found that “61% of all voters believe Biden should address the dementia issue publicly, with 41% of voters saying it is very important for the former vice president to provide a comment, the poll shows. Another 36% of voters say the issue is not that important, according to the poll.”

There is not a voter out there that honestly can say that Joe Biden is fit enough to serve as the president. He forgets things and places and he even loves to play around with women. He is not the person that should be engaging people of leadership quality.

It is time for Biden to drop out and simply disappear from the face of the country. President Trump has things going just fine.

The media would love people to believe that President Trump is struggling with handling all of the Democratic made up issues that have come up in the past few months. But the truth is that he has it all under control.

As the nation improves and people see the duplicity and lies of the Democratic Party they are going to vote for President Trump. Many of the Democratic based polls show Biden ahead in many states. But those polls are biased towards liberals.

No person in their right mind would ever vote for a man that cannot remember things. He would be a danger to the country and himself.