FL Sheriff Has Unconventional Plan for Violent Protesters

The protesters throughout Florida are getting increasingly more violent. The police cannot handle it all. Further, it seems that most of the protesters have a problem with the police.

Clay County’s Sheriff, Darryl Daniels, warns that he will deputize all lawful gun owners if the protests continue to become too violent.

The video showed on YouTube shows Daniels talking about how protesters are wrong to think that he and his deputies will surrender if the lawless demonstrators continue to threaten the county.

“And if we can’t handle you, you know what I’ll do. I will exercise the power and authority as the Sheriff and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county,” Daniels said.

It’s actually a great idea, too. All of the gun owners are tired of the protests. They know that it’s important to rule the county (and the rest of the country) with the necessary authority to keep everyone in line.

A number of cities and counties that have laid down their guns and walked away from the protests have given in. However, the Clay County Sheriff knows that walking away means that the protesters have won.

The sheriff realizes those lawful gun owners have guns in order to protect themselves. They’re Americans who believe in the right to bear arms. By deputizing each and every lawful gun owner, it provides more power to the sheriff and the other officers. They, as Sheriff Daniels says, will “stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility.”

If the protesters were hoping to turn Clay County into the next CHOP zone and scare off the police officers, they have another thing coming. The Sheriff has issued his warning. Now, it’s just a matter of time to determine whether the protesters are going to abandon their demonstrations or move the Sheriff to take action.

Daniels isn’t some kind of monster. He is, however, prepared to defend his county. He is allowing peaceful protests. He has even sworn that he and the deputies will protect the peaceful protesters.

It’s when they turn violent that there will be a problem. He has promised that what he says is not a threat. “We’ll give you everything you want, all the publicity, all the pain, all the glamour and glory for all that five minutes will give you.

The protesters are from all over. Some are from Jacksonville while others are outside instigators. Regardless, there’s a problem and the sheriff has a simple solution.

This means that protesters have a decision to make. Do they drop their acts of violence and move to keep the peace or are they going to fight tooth and nail for their five minutes of glory?

The Clay County Sheriff is doing what too many other sheriff’s departments around the country have been too scared to say. Perhaps it’s the difference between being Republican versus Democrat.

The Democrats want to hand over their cities, as Police Chief Carmen Best did in Seattle. Darryl Daniels of Clay County has said “enough is enough.”

Clay County, which has a population of over 200,00, sits just below Jacksonville. There have been a large number of demonstrations here, and the sheriff has shown that he is simply over it.  The protests have been going on since May 25, and there’s only been a minor increase within Clay County over the past few weeks.

On June 25, the county’s Orange Park Athletic Association was defaced. If things don’t get under control soon, there’s no telling how much more property damage or how many more threats will occur.

It’s important for Sheriff Daniels to take a stand now more than ever. In August, he will be facing a primary against five other Republicans who are vying for the position.

Daniels is willing to take a strong arm against the protests to protect not only the county but also his position as sheriff. Should he need help, plenty of gun owners are ready to be deputized.