Got Measles? Be Sure to Thank an Illegal Alien!

In a new milestone in America’s current open-borders policy, we are about to lose our status as a measles-free nation. After the Clinton administration mildly cracked down on illegal aliens in the late 1990s, America finally achieved measles-free national status from the World Health Organization in the year 2000.

The excuses from the liberal media and the federal Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on the 2019 outbreak are hilarious. According to them, “vaccine misinformation” is to blame. This is akin to blaming the outbreak on witches or voodoo, but at least it helps them avoid ever mentioning that illegal aliens are carrying previously eliminated diseases into the US at alarming rates.

Contrary to what the CDC and the mainstream media are telling you, having bad information won’t cause you or your child to catch the measles. For example, take a look at these statements:

  • Modern vaccines are not made using fetal stem cells. Therefore, you are not injecting dead baby parts into your own baby when you have him or her vaccinated.
  • There are no scientific studies that have established a link between autism and vaccines.
  • While all medications carry some side effects, vaccines are perfectly safe and will not harm you.

Those are all factually false statements issued by vaccine makers and their mainstream media apologists. You might even call those statements “vaccine misinformation” if you were pessimistic enough. But even if you believe those blatant lies, it still won’t cause you to catch the measles!

If you think the earth is flat (or spherical), you can’t catch the measles from that information, whether it’s right or wrong. If you believe the moon landings were filmed in a Los Angeles movie studio in the 1960s, you can’t catch the measles from that belief. Even if you believe that Barack Obama has a “fluorescent intellect,” as one New York Times writer bizarrely put it, you can’t catch the measles from thinking it’s true.

Yet “vaccine misinformation” remains the main excuse from the CDC for the current measles outbreak, which at last count was up to 1,215 people and zero deaths. Does the measles spontaneously occur in people who have been exposed to misinformation about vaccines? That seems like a weird explanation since most communicable diseases require you to be exposed to a sick person who, you know, already has that disease.

The media doesn’t want you to connect the dots between the mass influx of illegal aliens into the US and these disease outbreaks we’re suddenly experiencing. But the numbers tell the tale.

In order to receive a “measles-free” declaration from the WHO, a country must go 12 consecutive months without a continuous spread of the measles. The year 2000 was when the US finally achieved this milestone. For years after that, we still had between roughly 50 and 200 measles cases every year in the US, but we avoided the continuous spread.

But then suddenly in 2014, the number of cases skyrocketed to nearly 700. Say! Wasn’t that immediately after the Obama administration began its first March of the Child Human Shields from Central America? Well, yes, it was!

The same thing happened in the UK. That nation finally achieved measles-free status in 2017. But following the surge of Third World illegals into Europe during the so-called “migrant crisis,” the UK lost its measles-free status in July of 2019. All those new arrivals in London from Africa and the Middle East must have had a lot of “vaccine misinformation!”

The current measles outbreak in America began in December of 2018 and it has continued to spread every month. This is because starting in 2017, America has had unprecedented, record levels of illegal aliens pouring across our southern border in hopes of making it here before a wall goes up.

Here’s another dirty secret that the media is not reporting: A lot of American kids who have been vaccinated for measles are still catching it from their new illegal alien classmates because the vaccine is ineffective against the Central American strain they’re bringing in. How that squares with the “vaccine misinformation” excuse is truly baffling.

If the measles continues spreading through December of 2019, America will have to go through the embarrassment of being reclassified as a nation that has not eliminated the measles. If you or one of your loved ones catches the measles, be sure to thank an illegal alien!