Health Care Employee Claims to Let Trump Supporters Die

With all the political turmoil the last few decades have seen, it is natural for people on either side to be strongly opposed to those from opposite points of view. However, never in a million years, is it ok to be so against those people that you willing to hurt them or cause them ill will. And as one Trump hater is learning, there can be dire consequences for even suggesting such things, let alone carrying them out.

Reddit user LoveThisLife0101 claims to hate Trump and anyone who supports him so much that they have let elderly Trump supporters die while under their care.

They wrote, “Hey, I work in a retirement home and care for a lot of Trump supporters in their last days. I can tell you will certainty that 11 people (all verified Trump supporters) could have been resuscitated/prevented from failing had I taken the appropriate measures.”

And they continue, “I am literally letting you f–ers die off. These people vote like 100% of the time so it counts.”

“Here is the really sick part. Every time I come on The Donald {Trump forum on Reddit} and see something that f–ing disgusts me, (e.g. ‘Its Okay to be White’ postings) I note it and then take it out on a Trump supporter.”

Sick part indeed.

Naturally, this was reposted several times and drew many alarms from other users. People began to look into it in earnest, searching for any clues on the hate-filled user’s profile as to who they were and where they worked.

After some time, it was found that the person who posted this worked at AMN Healthcare, a staffing company based in San Diego, California. It was also confirmed by this company that the user was, in fact, employed there.

However, it has not yet been determined if what this person claims to have done actually happened.

AMN claims that “The individual by that name who works for us is not a clinician, does not work in a clinical setting or work in a location where patients are cared for.” But they continued in a statement, “However, we take this very seriously and are conducting a thorough investigation.”

Just as they should.

Someone claiming to have killed off people should have quite a bit of explaining to do.

However, this individual isn’t the first left-wing supporter who has called for violence against those who hold beliefs that differ from theirs. Even politicians and well-known media specialists have cited that physical violence and action be taken against the President and those who side with him. And this happened long before he was even put into office in 2016.

Former Hillary Clinton running mate Senator Tim Kaine cited that people should “fight in the streets against Trump.”

Obama suggested that when Republicans bring a knife to a fight, (Democrats) should bring a gun and fight harder than ever before.

Former US Attorney General said people should fight, bleed, and die in the streets to “resist” Trump.

Madonna said she dreamed “an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

Kathy Griffin posted a video in which she held up an ISIS-inspired decapitated and bloody head of President Trump.

And shortly before Trump’s inauguration in 2017, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted that America had “less than 3 weeks to stop him.”

With all this hatred in the air, it’s no wonder that those who are likely to oppose Trump would take clues from their Democratic left and choose to incite even more violence.

We can hope and pray that this deranged Reddit user was talking about things that never really happened. We hope that no harm was done to anyone or that anyone actually died because of this person’s beliefs. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned or worried.

If people are talking like this, whether it is meant as a joke or not, it signifies an entire system of corruptness and immorality. We can understand mistrust, loathing, and even extreme dislike for people who hold certain beliefs, but this is simply unacceptable. No matter what another person says or does to prove they don’t value the same things you do, there is no excuse for wishing them dead.

And for this particularly misguided individual, it is likely they won’t be working in healthcare, or any industry, for much longer, if ever again.