How the Cartel’s Get the Drugs into the United States

The rapid torrent of drugs into the United States is a problem for everyone. The Drug Enforcement Administration reports that drug overdoses kill more people in the country than guns and car accidents. The drug cartels have become proficient with how they bring the drugs into the country without being caught. The courageous border patrol agents have the daunting task of finding these drug runners and putting a stop to the flow of drugs into the country.

It seems like every day that a new method is being devised on how the cartels are getting the drugs across the border. The drug dealers know that there is a wide range of methods that they can use. There is even a lot of territory that must be patrolled to catch the cartels in the act. There are 40 million square nautical miles alone that must be patrolled from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

The biggest drug that the cartels like to move is cocaine. Just last year alone the border agents intercepted 191 metric tons of the drug. Through just this one drug alone the cartels have a lot of money. They have a lot of money just waiting to be used to smuggle more into the United States. The cartels have found that they can move the drugs over sea, land, and air. They have several ways that they can do it.

The sea is one of the favorites that the cartels like to use. 95 percent of the drugs come through the water channels. Some devices being used by the cartels include container ships, non -commercial ships, personal watercraft, sailboats, fishing boats, and even submarines. One of the most famous is the speed boat. The cartels equip the boat with several high-powered engines to outrun the border patrol. Submarines are being used to skim the surface of the water in an attempt to skirt around ships and vessels. The border agents have the latest technology available to them such as sonar and radar to help find these types of vessels.

The cartels also love to use aircraft. The type of aircraft that they use can be in the form of planes to balloons. It just depends on the method that they care about choosing at the time. The cartels will use just about any method. A personal plane is more likely to be searched upon landing because of international borders and customs. But a balloon can rise above the border fence and be picked up on the other side by their contacts without much attention. Some drugs are even launched over the border wall just in time for them to be picked up by the cartel’s contacts.

Overland is the final way that the cartels love to send the drugs into the United States. One of the easiest yet slowest ways is to send the drugs on the backs of people. They walk across the border and make the drop and return for more. This is one reason the border wall must be finished and updated. The cartels also have used tunnels to move the drugs into the country. This kind of effort takes time to set up but has been effective where the wall is currently placed. President Trump has asked for a better design for the wall that will be buried deep into the earth to keep the tunnels from being built. Automobile crossings are another favorite method that cartels use. Border agents use dogs to help identify drug stashes in cars and on people.

The border agents need the support of Congress and the President to do their job effectively. President Trump continues to push for better security and procedures to be used at the border to stop the drugs and criminals from entering the country. The people of the United States need a Congress that is willing to work with the president to see that this takes place. Without excellent security, the drugs and the criminals will continue to pour into the country and will be the greatest cause for concern in the near future.