Iran is Sure Who is Responsible for Coronavirus Pandemic and It’s Not Who You Think

Iran is being hit especially hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Between the lack of a modern healthcare system and the inherent corruption of the mullahs, a lot of Iranians are dying of the disease unnecessarily.

However, what they lack in sound medical management, the mullahs have conspiracy theory skills in abundance. The Iranian government is pretty sure who is to blame for the coronavirus pandemic. However, the details are more bizarre than what you might think.

Iranwire explains who the Iranian mullahs think is responsible and offers no surprises.

“Indeed, this crisis has led the regime to engage in fantastical, outrageous conspiracy theories about the current pandemic that are deeply infused with antisemitism, including classic tropes. These include claiming the disease is an attack on Iran by using genies and magic, that COVID-19 is part of an external biological attack on Iran by the United States with Jewish and Israeli assistance, and that the virus is part of a Zionist plot to gain global power.”

The fact that Iran is blaming the Jews for the pandemic should not be a surprise, considering that the mullahs have made Israel their main enemy, taking a leaf from Nazi Germany. The idea that Israel is committing biological warfare is an attempt to distract the people from Iran from the incompetence and corruption on the part of those who have set themselves up as their leaders. The accusation is one more casus belli for when Iran gets the Bomb and decides to drop it on Tel Aviv,

However, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei went farther and accused the United States and Israel of being in league with genies. The mullahs are accusing the Jews of engaging in sorcery to strike at the Islamic Republic.

When most people in the West think of genies, they think of that funny character in the Disney film Aladdin voiced by Robin Williams in the animated version and played by Will Smith in the live-action movie. People of a certain age will remember that delightful character played by Barbara Eden in the sixties fantasy sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie.” Genies are trickster beings who offer three wishes, which the unwitting human better articulate carefully lest unexpected consequences ensue. In any case, a clever human who knows what he or she wants (and should want) will go far with a genie at hand.

Belief in genies or djinn is widespread in the Middle East and is believed to be actual beings and not as metaphors. The concept of genies predates the rise of Islam. They are more malevolent spirits that the wish-granting beings that appear in western popular culture. They are similar to the Christian idea of demons, can work mischief and can even possess human beings to make them do evil.

Despite the depiction in “1001 Arabian Nights” genies are generally not disposed to grant wishes just because one rubs a lamp. Only a powerful sorcerer can bend a genie to his or her will.

Hot Air, understandably, is dismissive of the idea of Jewish sorcerers summoning genies to visit a pandemic on poor, unsuspecting Muslims. The real reasons are a little bit more mundane and do not speak well of the mullahs.

“Keep in mind that the Iranian regime is saying all of this at the same time that they are literally stealing billions in dollars of aid that was supposed to go to help their own people. The money is disappearing faster than the pallets full of cash that Obama sent to them a few years back. Surgical masks and other PPE destined for Iranian citizens is magically disappearing (darned genies!) and showing up on the black market for exorbitant prices rather than being distributed to the populace.”

Iran also botched the initial response, refusing to cut off travel to and from China. Because of sanctions, China is one of the few countries that will treat with the Iranian Islamic Republic. Iran will be antagonistic to Christians and Jews, whom the Prophet Mohammed declared to be “people of the book” since they worship one God. But they will welcome atheistic, communists from China.

People who behave so inconsistent with their religion are certainly capable of blaming their woes on supernatural beings. The Iranian people will continue to suffer as a result.