It is Time to Let COVID-19 Die and Get Back to Normal

COVID-19 certainly has drummed up a lot of fear with people. When it first showed up on the world’s stage, there was not a lot known about it. At least that is what the public was being told by the Democratic-controlled media.

But since that fateful day, the people of America have learned that it is nothing more than an overrated cold virus that is going to make people sick along with all the other known coronavirus strains that float around every winter.

Liberals promote death and doom even after the curve has tilted to the south. There have been spikes in some areas of the country, but that was to be expected since people would be interacting again.

President Trump pushed for testing centers at the start of the outbreak simply as a means to learn the true percentages of death and other facts that would be necessary to learn how bad it was going to be.

And he found out that it just isn’t as bad as what the doctors had thought it was going to get. President Trump has already called for testing centers to be taken down and now it seems that other lawmakers are echoing his wisdom.

Democrats love the testing centers as it gives them data to continue to push for control and laws to keep people shut in their homes.

But Nino Vitale has joined forces with the president and is now calling for a cease and abandon order on all testing sites.

He typed in all capital letters for people to “STOP GETTING TESTED.” The region he represents is an area that is seeing more cases since the reopening started weeks ago.

Vitale nailed Democrats to the wall when he stated, “Are you tired of living in a dictatorship yet?” the liberal push for more testing is giving “the government an excuse to claim something is happening that is not happening at the magnitude they say it is happening.” Referring to the liberal media’s focus on the number of new cases.

The media has stopped focusing on the deaths and simply on the infections because the death toll is no longer an issue since the percentage of deaths is extremely low from COVID-19.

Vitale stated that “Have you noticed they never talk about deaths anymore, just cases? And they never talk about recoveries. They just keep adding to numbers they have been feeding us from over 3 months ago!”

The same sentiment is felt throughout the country as people have come to realize that the totals include people that have been infected and gotten better months ago.

The Democrats are lying to the American people based on creating fear to keep people from voting in the November election. They want to have mail-in-ballots so they can cheat the system and gain fraudulent votes to help in their quest for the White House.

As the liberals push for more control and lockdowns, the move to reopen continues in many of the states that are seeing spikes. People know the possibility for them to get sick is there, but the risk of financial ruin is keeping them outside. And they know that the virus is not as bad as what is being pushed by the fake news media.

Vitale made an important observation as he noted that “the only people I know that wear masks are those trying to get away with a crime. And this entire mask deal is simply that, a crime against freedom and a crime against humanity.”

Nancy Pelosi and her dogmatic group of liars keep pushing the lies about the virus through their media cousins. And the people are getting sick and tired of all the promotional material that is affecting their lives.

Some states have declared that mask-wearing is required if anyone is to be outside. But the facts show that the masks that are being pushed for people to buy do not protect against the virus-like they should.

The mask laws are nothing more than a promotional stunt by fear-mongering Democrats. The only sensible voice comes from President Trump as he tells the truth to the American people.