John Hopkins Professor Fired for Standing up to Liberal Activists

Protesting, as we very well know, is a legal and often very persuasive form of expression. It has been used over the decades to make unjust acts known, to bring change and reform for those who have been wronged, and to create an equal society in this nation, as well as countless others.

However, it is not always used for good and can often turn ugly in a matter of mere seconds. All too often peaceful protests, given the right provocation or slightest nudge, transform into rage-filled riots that end in violence, danger, and unfair acts of reciprocity, which is what happened recently on the campus of John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

The university decided to create their own private campus police force, as have many other colleges and universities. In protest to this decision, liberal activists from a group known as Students Against Private Police or SAPP barricaded themselves inside the university’s main administrative building, Garland Hall.

The building’s basement houses a significant number of the university’s servers, which are needed to be in good working order for much of the research that is conducted on campus.

As the protest continued, it became apparent that several of these servers were beginning to crash, and many were concerned that if left without attention much longer, the entire research infrastructure would follow suit.

So one professor, Daniel Povey, decided to do something about it. Povey was an associate professor for the Center for Language and Speech Processing (CLSP) and was in charge of maintaining those specific servers’ integrity. According to Povey, those servers were “used by me and a large group of researchers in CLSP.”

So he used a pair of bolt cutters to get through chains on the doors of Garland Hall and gained entrance into the building and its servers.

However, it didn’t take long for the riled protestors to find out, get angry, and take action against Povey and the small group he brought with him.

They literally attacked and carried him out of the building.

And only a short time later, the wounded professor received a letter from the university’s administration announcing his termination.

The letter from Vice Dean for Faculty Andrew S. Douglas read:

“As a faculty member at John Hopkins University, you created a dangerous situation that could have ended in serious harm to our students, yourself, and others in the community.”

“You acted in deliberate defiance of the administration’s directives. You have flagrantly and unapologetically violated JHU directives and your actions have endangered the University community. Further, you stated that fee no remorse or regret for your actions.”

And while the administration is correct in saying that the situation could have caused more physical harm than it did, it’s hard to believe that a professor would be fired for trying to serve his school and keep it running as well as possible.

After all, the administration themselves were against the protest from the beginning. But as usually happens when leftist thugs start carrying out an agenda, everyone else just stands back and watches, afraid of getting involved.

Povey, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid. He knew what needed to happen for the sake of the school as a whole and without hesitancy did it.

And now he is being punished.

As he writes on his website, “essentially I am being fired for what might have happened, while the students are getting off scot-free for things that actually did happen.”

He continues by saying, “They actually made false allegations against me, both in public (on Twitter) and to university authorities. They actually attacked me and hurt me; many of you saw the big scratched on my back. They also threw a lot of punches at the people with me.”

Yep, that sure sounds like a typical Democratic angry mob. The second things are no longer going their way; they get violent and abusive. How many times have we seen their leaders lose it on social media or even live TV, exposing the lengths and lies they will go to protect their agenda? It’s no wonder that with role models like that, these students simply followed suit, reacting in whatever way they saw fit and then getting the media involved to cover up their mistakes.

But what is even more deplorable is that the university took their side, still too cowardly to go against them, incriminating an innocent and courageous man instead.