MSM Almost Notices Catastrophic Drunk-Driving Rates of Illegal Aliens. Almost.

It’s become nearly impossible to read any mainstream media news article in America without first putting on your Official Immigration Decoder Ring. In the latest example, the Huffington Post has published an infuriatingly upside-down article titled, “Latinos at Greater Risk of Dying from Driving While Intoxicated.”

The headline is literally the most direct statement of the entire article, which then proceeds to portray Latinos of the victims of a scourge of drunk driving. You have to read to the bottom of the article before the Huffington Post sheepishly mentions that one Hispanic college student drove his car while under the influence at some distant point “in the past.”

The Huffington Post goes out of its way to make it sound as if drunk driving white Americans in MAGA hats are deliberately running over “wise Latinas” as they’re walking to their jobs at the Cancer Research Institute that Americans don’t want to do. The truth of the matter is that large numbers of Hispanics die in drunk driving crashes because an awful lot of them don’t see anything wrong with driving drunk.

America spent decades and millions of dollars on a public shaming campaign to reduce our own drunk driving rates. You still occasionally hear PSAs on the radio declaring that you’ll lose your driver’s license and possibly your job, as well as facing possible prison time and thousands of dollars in fines. By the early 1980s, the rates of fatal drunk driving crashes in America had started to plummet. 

The problem is that politicians starting in the 1990s suddenly decided to allow more than one-third of Mexico’s population to move here. They’ve allowed 30 million Mexicans to legally immigrate to the US, and an additional unknown 15 to 20 million have snuck in. The vast majority of them arrived in the US years after the public shaming campaign had effectively reduced our drunk-driving rates. We imported the problem right back into the country by pretending that all cultures are somehow equal. (See also: Public littering.)

Not to mention the fact that penalties for drunk driving are not a deterrent at all for an illegal alien, even if she does happen to hear a rare Spanish-language radio ad noting that drunk driving is a crime in this country. 

America: We’ll take your driver’s license away if you drive drunk!

Illegal Alien in any state other than California or New York: I don’t have one to take away.

America: Your auto insurance rates will skyrocket!

Illegal Alien: I don’t have insurance, either.

America: After your court hearing and sentencing, you could face thousands of dollars in fines!

Illegal Alien: Oh, okay. Well, I pinky-swear promise that I’ll show up for that court hearing, just like the immigration hearing that I promised the Border Patrol I would attend when you stupidly allowed me into your country.

After pretending that Latinos dying in drunk driving crashes is a strange “act of God” – like getting struck by lightning – the Huffington Post completely ignores the fact that there is another demographic being killed at skyrocketing rates in drunk-driving crashes: Americans who are hit by drunk-driving Latinos. While the Huffington Post goes out of its way to give detailed statistics on the numbers of Latinos being killed by their own reckless drunk-driving actions, there’s no mention of the number of Americans being killed by drunk-driving illegals who shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

This is compounded by the fact that the legal system won’t even deport legal immigrants for drunk driving any longer. Drunk driving used to be considered a “crime of moral turpitude,” which was automatic grounds for deportation. But thanks to years of hard work from immigration attorneys, “crime of moral turpitude” has been redefined as actually hurting or killing someone in a drunk driving accident. So long as an immigrant doesn’t crash and hurt someone else, she can get as many DUIs as she wants and never has to worry about getting booted out of the country.

It probably seems unfair to single out Latinos in this article; therefore, we should note that immigrants from many other countries also exhibit extraordinary rates of drunk driving when compared to Americans. This is why the best course of action since we’re not willing to publicly shame immigrants into not driving drunk for fear of being called racist, is to stop letting them in.