Pro-Life Women are Redefining What it Means to be a Strong Woman

The pro-choice crowd is extremely fearful that killing one’s baby is going to become illegal. For them, the issue is that the mother should have a choice. Never once do they consider the choice of the child. Pro-choice people fear that “men” will block their access to abortion clinics. Their notion is that the men are insensitive to the concept of childbirth and the decision to life should be left in the hands of the mother.

Pro-choice women strive to place power in the hands of all women. They see themselves as living inferior to men. So they must somehow empower women to the top and equip them to fight evil men. But as the story marches on, they are harming their image more than anything. Abortion is not about a choice. It is about a person’s life.

Pro-life women have been fighting back against the image that the dangerous liberals are trying to paint true for all women. There are a lot of women out there that do not identify with the harmful teachings of liberal women. People like Lila Rose with Live Action and Marjorie Dannenfelser from Susan B. Anthony List is just a few women that proving that abortion is harmful to the empowerment of women everywhere.

Pro-choice people are looking at the men and believe that they are the enemy. But almost every single pro-life foundation or organization has a woman in command. This says something about what women think about abortion. The March for Life President is Jeanne Mancini, and she has posted that she believes nearly 100,000 people will be in Washington to fight for rights of babies.

Both sides of the issue claim that feminism is what is involved in the outcome of women everywhere. The loony liberals are claiming that evil men are keeping a woman from being able to do what she wants with her body. While on the other side women are claiming that abortion is the weight of feminism and it is dragging it down. Life is what matters, not death.

Women such as Kay Ivey, the Governor of Alabama and others like her are beating down the door to introduce legislation that will limit if not stop abortion from running through their state. Feminism is about equality for women in all areas of life. But many pro-choice women believe that abortion and its advocates want everyone to see women as all the same. But that is very far from the truth.

The point that leaders of pro-life organizations are trying to make is what Lila Rose has stated “The unique power of a woman is to be a mother … abortion literally destroys, and it spits on that most fundamental capacity we have and it rejects it.” She sees abortion as a form of violence. Violence against the baby and the mother.

The war on babies is not just limited to the courtroom but in death rooms all around the country. Gianna Jessen was a survivor of a horrible attack on her life. As a baby, she sent to the abortion camps to die. But the doctor botched up her death, and she ended up being “burned alive” as a baby. For places like Planned Parenthood abortion has become a source of revenue. And that is all they care about.

To stand with the deathly Democrats and the liberals on abortion is to vote for the legalization of murder. It is to push for the survival of the fittest at all costs. Every day thousands of little babies are put to death because no one loves them enough to put them up for adoption. They are literally fighting for their life with now weapons or tools to fight back with.

Pro-choice women and the Democrats are wrong when they claim that powerful men stand in their way to achieve equality. For many women, the issue of equality was never a problem. They just realized that women are better than what feminism drags them down to be. They have been created uniquely different from men, and they can do what men cannot do. The drive for pro-choice people to be able to choose murder is just a way for them to ditch out of a mistake they made. But the baby is not the mistake. The baby needs people like pro-life women and men who will love them unconditionally and let them live.