Reagan Exposed: ‘Leaks, Media and JFK’

Ronald Reagan was a great president. Just like President Trump, he stood against the Democratic pressures that are even worse today. He was a man that knew how to deal with people, and he gave the people what they voted him into the office for. President Trump has done the same and continues to serve the people even when the dumb Democrats throw insults and fake crimes his way. The letters that have recently been found are of the personal side of Reagan. He talked to personal friends about his poor treatment by the press, people that criticized everything that he did and even his positive support of Israel.

The letters have recently been valued at $200,000. They are a window to the past of a man that was unfairly treated much like President Trump is today. The maniac media does not treat conservatives and honesty people well. The media always tries to find something in the life of a hero to discredit their name. The letters that are being put up for sale show the personal side of a man that loved his country. Nathan Raab of the Raab Collection has stated that “These letters show Reagan’s personality.” He went on to say of the letters that “They are meant to be private communications to an old friend from his Hollywood days. He felt he could speak openly and honestly.”

One of the letters shows that Reagan had to deal with people sent in to spy on him. In one letter to his friend, he stated “Now let’s get down to the real frustration — the leaks. Doug, I’ve never seen anything like it, and we’re trying everything but a ‘plumber’s squad’ to find and clobber the guilty.” Reagan wrote this on January 10, 1983. These problems that he faced are the same that President Trump is fighting today. The entire whistleblower accusation is nothing more than a person trying to leak information about a president that has done nothing wrong.

Reagan went on to mention that “I’m convinced they are at a lower level and yes they are grinding their axes with no regard for us or what we are trying to do. They are responsible for the stories of feuds and in-fighting, which I assure you are untrue.” At this point, it is clear that his Democrat critics were spreading lies, and they were looking for a way to take him down as a president. Reagan was one of the first presidents that were for the people. President Trump follows very closely being a president for the people.

To show the type of man Reagan was there was even a letter that talked about him visiting a family that was targeted by the Ku Klux Klan. There was not one camera pointed at him for fame. He simply called on the family. President Trump has been caught doing the same type of caring without looking for recognition. The stupid Democrats won’t do anything without media attention. Something seen as Ocasio-Cortez posted fake pictures of her crying at detention centers almost a year ago.

The letter that Reagan wrote about his visit with the family mentioned “It gets frustrating. A black family back here had a cross burned on their lawn. I visited them. I wanted to do it without the press, so they couldn’t say (as they did) that I was doing it as an image-building device. There was no way I could do it my way. We were a parade all the way.” It was the visit of support, not political favoritism or publicity. Reagan was a man of the people. He was not a person that desired personal glory or attention.

There has been a push to show that Reagan was a racist man. Even after his death, people are attacking him. This visit clearly shows that he was a caring person that only looked for the good in people. His dealing with other nations was just as decisive as those with personal matters. He did not play games with people nor did he seek his gain. He simply served the people of the United States.