Sex-Ed Classes for LGBTQ Being Taught by Democrats to Kindergartens

The loony liberals are seeking to brainwash children in the kindergarten with socialists and anti-family propaganda. The thrust of progressive ideology is to center one’s thinking around sexual orientation. The purpose is to brainwash kids into thinking that men and women can involve themselves with members of the same sex. So they are targeting the little innocent kids hoping to confuse them about gender roles and what is biologically normal for humans. What is sickening about what the Democrats are trying to do to kids is beyond human reason.

Recently the immoral Democrats have tried to pass House Bill 2184. This ridiculous bill states that schools must have “comprehensive sexual health education” before 2022. This means that the smallest of children would have to be taught material about gays and lesbians and why it is just fine for them to engage in this wicked behavior.

The wicked Democrats of Washington state all think this is a great idea. But they are seeing a large venue of anger and push from all sorts of people. One group is the Informed Parents of Washington calls themselves “a coalition of parents dedicated to fighting Comprehensive Sex Education in our schools and legislation that imposes upon parental rights.” This awesome group of people is making this selfish secret of the Democrats known to all parents.

The wicked group of Democrats would love to secretly push this kind of educational material down the throats of people without ever telling them. But the word is getting out. One poll conducted by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction shows is that 58 percent of the people think it is wrong to subject littles, kids, to sinful thinking of messed up adults.

The sad part about this fight is that the Democrats believe they can raise kids better than the parents. They believe that they know what kids need to be fully educated. All the Democrats are trying to do is program little kids into their little band of Nazi supporters. They hope that in the next 20 years these kids will join the liberal cause to overthrow the normal way of living in the country.

The Sexual Health Education Workgroup issued a dangerous statement that proves they believe they can educate kids better than anyone else. They said “Washington’s public schools should have access to comprehensive sexual health education in grades K-12. Mandating CSHE is an issue of equity and would help to ensure all students across the state receive quality, evidence-informed instruction, regardless of who they are or where they live.”

The idea of evidence-informed education is a fancy way of saying our evidence is better than everything else. And yet their facts that they are using are not even true scientific facts. Their work is screwed up to the point that it is based more on opinion rather than objective and measurable facts.

This sorry group of liberals noted that “For homework, kids go out and share their newfound knowledge with at least four friends. Though they do tell students that naked photos of kids under 18 is illegal if they were serious about discouraging kids from sexting they would take a different, more serious approach.” For them to honestly believe that little kids are going to avoid diving into naked pictures of each other is just absurd. This is another way that they are allowing boys to take advantage of girls.

They are essentially forcing girls to reveal themselves to sex hungry boys and in some cases men.

To require kids to joyfully go and tell what they have been exposed to is nothing more than the dorky Democrats pushing their poison on the rest of the people that they cannot reach. It is like them telling the kids to take a poisonous candy cane and share-lick it with their friends until they all die.

Democrats at the state and national levels are dangerous to the United States. Their anti-American and family propaganda is nothing more than a copy of Hitler’s world domination indoctrination speeches. The Democrats have stooped to a new low with this tactic, and they are showing how criminal they are at heart.