Driver’s License Issued To Illegal Immigrants? Dems Say Why Not!

Democrats seem to be confused as to what it means to be illegal. Illegal immigrants are in the country illegally because they don’t have sufficient documentation. They aren’t here with specific asylum orders nor do they have any kind of visa or green card. As such, they shouldn’t be entitled to any privileges within the United States until they have become legal.

This is where Democrats don’t seem to understand things. Instead, driver’s licenses are now being offered to undocumented immigrants in a number of cities.

In Beacon Hill, Massachusetts, there are a number of supporters of the bill which would make it possible for undocumented immigrants to receive driver’s licenses. At this point, they would be able to obtain insurance and drive on the roads. This makes it easier for them to integrate into society, which is a problem because of the illegal nature of how they came into the country. By providing them with the ability to get a driver’s license, is ignoring the fact that they are in the country illegally – which eliminates the urge for them to fill out the necessary documentation to become legal.

Several Democratic representatives have filed the legislation, including Tricia Farley-Bouvier and Christine Barber. Senator Brandon Creighton has also put his name on the bill. They would allow qualified residents, regardless of their immigration status, to receive a standard state license.

14 states already have some kind of law in place that would allow all residents to acquire a license or permit, regardless of what their immigration status is. This new legislation would not, however, affect real ID-compliant licenses, which do require a person to prove their citizenship or some kind of lawful residence, along with a Social Security number.

Progressive lawmakers are trying to resurrect this along with various other immigration policies. In the past, it has not gained a lot of traction in Beacon Hill due to the number of Republicans who want to minimize the rights given to illegal immigrants. However, Farley-Bouvier and the other supporters of the legislation are hoping that they can create a separate driving policy and immigration policy.

The Representative’s explanation is that there is very little control over what the Massachusetts legislature can do about the broken immigration system. However, she is looking to control what happens on the roads, including giving out driver’s licenses. She thinks that, just as every driver gets a vision test, everyone should have a license. However, her logic is flawed.

Those who are illegal and looking to obtain a driver’s license need to be reported to ICE, not rewarded with a driver’s license that allows them to stay in the country even longer – and now his driving privileges on the road.

The legislation would “ease the stress” on the undocumented immigrants. Why do the Democrats feel that they need to use their stress? They should be stressed – they are in the country illegally. Yes, every driver should have a license. However, every driver should also be a legal resident of the United States – which includes having their own Social Security number and paying taxes. Why does someone need a license and privilege on the road if they aren’t working? They can’t work without a Social Security number.

Are the Democrats really this naïve? The undocumented immigrants are using other people Social Security numbers. They are earning an income, which is why they can pay for the car, the insurance, and the fees for a driver’s license. Those undocumented immigrants aren’t paying taxes, however. The people who own the Social Security numbers that they are using are the ones paying the taxes. Sure, they may have some money taken out of their paychecks, but those are illegally earned paychecks because of not having their own Social Security number.

This is a considerably bigger issue than simply having people who are trained and licensed on the road. As soon as someone comes in for a license and cannot prove that they have their own Social Security number and that they aren’t properly documented, ICE needs to be informed.

Farley-Bouvier and the other Democrats supporting the legislation can tout it as a “public safety bill” all they want. However, they are admitting to the fact that there are 200,000 illegal aliens residing in Massachusetts – and they are and doing nothing to get them out. Rather than providing them with services such as education and welfare, they need to be worked through the system.

Providing illegal immigrants with another reason to stay in the country and use various resources that are intended for taxpaying Americans is simply wrong – yet the Democrats don’t seem to understand how it is a problem.