The Irony: Ultra-Leftwing Political Hack Kim Gardner Blames McCloskeys for Politicizing Her Fraudulent Prosecution

If the McCloskey family has their way, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner would have been removed from their case a long time ago. They have filed twin motions to that effect already. They are of the belief that Gardner is using their case as a means of raising campaign funding. At a recent fundraiser, she all but confirmed it.

“Kim needs your help to fight back! Her election is only weeks away,” concluded her most recent event. Now, Gardner is finally striking back against the couple. We always knew that it would come to this. Apparently, Gardner does not have the self awareness to realize when she is wrong. In her mind, the couple is turning the case into “political theater”.

Of course, she also believes that there was nothing wrong with using the case to drum up additional fundraising assistance. That’s how the leftists operate. They can use these cases to help themselves but everyone else is engaging in shameless opportunism. High ranking Republican officials have taken notice of her actions.

It’s been discussed in her campaign e-mails already, so we are not sure why she is trying to plead ignorance here. “She did not tie her reelection to the prosecution on this or any case,” her filing reads. Gardner is going to stick with the lie, even after she’s been caught. It’s the oldest trick in the grifter’s handbook.

We can’t offer a prediction on how the court will rule on this case because there is no real precedent here. We’ve been saying that a lot this year but it is true. As for the McCloskeys’ lawyer? They are far from impressed with what is currently happening here and rightfully so. “She spends multiple pages detailing the complaints of various politicians and anonymous commentators. They are not parties, they are not the prosecutor, and she should understand the difference,” he said.

The motion that was filed by Gardner is also filled with all sorts of obvious errors. It’s almost like she was in a major rush when she was filing it or something. President Trump was blamed because the orange man is always at fault, whether he had any direct involvement or not. Gardner’s claim that the McCloskeys were not mentioned more than once is also wrong.

If you take a closer look at the e-mail, there are clearly multiple references to the couple. They are not passing references, either. There’s an argument to be made that the entire e-mail is about the couple, especially when you factor in the Trump quote about law abiding citizens. Meanwhile, Gardner’s claim that the case is not being tied to her political fortunes is also proven wrong.

The whole e-mail suggests that anyone who is standing with the couple is wrong for doing so. If you are defending their innocence, you are on the wrong side of the law….in Gardner’s eyes. She even takes direct aim at the president but she still wants people to believe that this is all on the up and up. She even says “Kim needs your help to fight back!”

Sure, some might argue that this is a general prosecution reference but that does not square with the rest of her message. Gardner wants people to believe that they need to donate to her war chest and that this will keep couples like the McCloskeys from being able to brandish weaponry in the streets. Kim is here to collect money and she is using this case to do it.

The protesting that she has done is all for naught. At this point, she might as well own it. The leftists would probably appreciate her candor and we are sure that the donations would still keep rolling in. There’s truly no reason to lie here. In the meantime, we are going to sit back and wait to see what happens. A judge now has to make sense of all this.