Will Illegal Immigration Crackdown Improve Wages?

There was a report recently that forecast another silver lining to Trump’s immigration plan saying that it will do more than keep our nation safer but that it will also make us wealthier too. We all heard and hopefully by now we are all aware of the safety issues created by illegal immigration. Is there anyone today, who can honestly argue that getting a handle on illegal immigration doesn’t make us all safer?

We also have been informed that illegal immigration is a burden on our nation’s financial state and a strain on our healthcare system. So obviously it aides both those areas of America’s overall health as a nation of people united. What one recent story reported, however, could be a microcosm to what could be yet another benefit of reducing and preventing illegal immigration.

That report suggests that not only will improved efforts at handling illegal immigration create more employment opportunities (that part isn’t a new discussion) but it will also improve wages.

Okay – now you have my attention!

The story was reporting on a recently organized raid on multiple facilities under the operation of Koch Foods. According to this report, that raid resulted in enough illegal immigrants being caught that Koch had to set up a job fair to fill all the new openings!

We give Koch Foods the benefit of the doubt and in large part due to their “adherence” to a screening process aimed to eliminate the hire of illegals. As our story asked though, “… if they claim to already be using E-Verify, how come so many illegals were working there?” That program or hiring system followed by Kock is the federal government database E-Verify, and ideally, this should all but eliminate any chance for hiring illegal workers. This is why that term adherence is so important and hence, the benefit of the doubt given but ever so tenuously.

The bigger story here,  however, isn’t about the raid on Koch or the integrity of their hiring practices. No, it is about how this will impact the new-hire process at Koch, and everywhere else. What if, what happened here, is a microcosm of every time a position opens as a result of removing an illegal immigrant? The point our author and that story made was that now, not only was Koch needing to fill these positions but they also needed to do it fast and with the highest quality employees. That all equates, naturally, to spending top dollar.

Make no mistake, Koch Foods, for those who don’t know is no small player or company. As a food manufacturer and distributor, they are no stranger to success. So yes, they have the money to spend and a reputation to try and uphold but that doesn’t mean other companies won’t also be inclined (and wisely so) to follow suit. Our President campaigned on working to fix our immigration problems, building a wall and making this country a safer one. What he didn’t mention was that fixing the illegal immigration problem would also result in better wages for workers. Do you think he knew?

What happened at Koch Foods, although on a larger-than-normal scale, isn’t an isolated event. Although it may be hard to determine if the fault normally falls on the hiring practices or motives of a business or the deceptive efforts of illegal workers, fixing the problem seems to have some far-reaching benefits.

It also probably isn’t too early to point out that there wasn’t a single Democrat, then or now, that has or would take such a strong and deliberate stance on immigration practices. If Donald Trump wasn’t the President of the United States, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. This raid may never have occurred and our issues with illegal immigration would likely have remained unchanged, at best.

Will the crackdown on illegal immigration improve the wages of American workers? Well, if a not-so-small sample like what happened with Koch is any indicator, it is a very real possibility. Of course, being able to go to bed knowing you are a little safer at night is a pretty good benefit too!