Women and Children Suffer at the Hands of Illegals While ICE Held Back

According to one recent story, seven more illegal immigrants since this past July have been arrested for rape and oh yes, those arrests have occurred in an Anti-ICE county. This doesn’t mean that the ICE agency would have prevented this from happening but the truth is, they were never allowed to try.

Imagine a crime happening and knowing you could have prevented it. Try to get your head around the idea that some violent and evil crimes shouldn’t have even been possible but our laws made it so. Well, not all of our laws and in this scenario, it is about Democrat spearheaded laws that interfere with ICE operations.

That was the scene and as our aforementioned story reports, anti-ICE and progressive Montgomery County in Maryland has suffered as a result. To be specific, many innocent women and children have suffered at the hands of seven suspected rapist who are also illegal immigrants. These are the very types of crimes the President campaigned about and the type of horror he is fighting to end.

President Trump isn’t anti-immigration, he is anti-illegal immigrants. The President’s immigration plan has been three-fold. He has been working to build the much needed and often talked about the wall at the Mexico border. That is to keep those with bad intentions out.

He wants to improve the immigration process (because he supports immigration) to make it better and safer, for everyone. That will help screen out the unwanted while bringing in more talented and hardworking people.

And he has been working to empower and equip ICE agencies across the country. That is to help find and remove those who are already here, who shouldn’t be.

Of course, not everyone is one board with the President and his immigration policies but as our story reminds us, the consequences of not taking action can be unthinkable. Unbelievably, these stories and crimes haven’t slowed the push and Democratic leaders like Joe Biden have even spoken out against Trump’s immigration stance. According to the story, he said regarding border detention centers, “close them down. We don’t need them.” And Biden along with many on the left have rallied support for open borders.

The Trump War Room responded saying, ‘Joe Biden just joined the rest of the radical open borders Democrats and said he wants to “close down” detention facilities. This is his solution to the illegal immigration crisis? Extreme! (Also, why didn’t he do anything about it when he was VP?).’

Good question. Maybe because he wasn’t running for President of the United States?

The Democrats have done more damage than simply rally support for open border policies and shutting down detention centers too. Despite being warned about the risk of what new Democratic legislation would do to impede the work and progress of ICE agencies, places like Montgomery County adopted them anyway. The count as of July was seven. That is seven illegal immigrants to be charged with rape and sexual misconduct. If that isn’t really enough for the Democrats, how about this small piece of information about the victims. Some of their ages were as follows, 11-years-old, 12-years-old and 15 and 16-years-old.

Instead of the ICE agency in Maryland being empowered to do its job, as the President intended, it has to work around hurdles and Democratic legislation to do the work it must. The kind of work of rooting out people like this and keeping Americans safe. The very thing that didn’t happen to these victims in Wheaton, Rockville, Silver Spring, and Germantown.

It has been suggested that those opposed to the President’s immigration policies and agencies like ICE are creating legislation merely as an effort to confront and stand-up to the President. The problem is, while Democratic politicians and legislators are trying to make their power felt and agendas heard people are suffering as a result.

The immigration issue isn’t a political one, no matter how badly the other side of the aisle wants it to be, it is an issue of security. There is a reason why ICE is a branch of our nation’s Homeland Security Department and there are seven more reasons in Maryland that demand that we let them do their jobs.